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Испанская лотерея el gordo (5 из 54 + 1 из 10)

El Gordo Results Online — Latest Lotto Results

El Gordo is the biggest lottery in Spain. Another name for the lottery is the Fat one, and this is because this is one of the richest lotteries in the world. Now instead of waiting in frustrating queues, you can choose your El Gordo numbers and buy your lottery tickets online from Multilotto. Play Lottery from the comfort of your own home.

This Spanish lottery is the 2nd longest running lottery in the world, continuing even during the Spanish Civil War. Today, the El Gordo Lottery not only caters for Spaniards but also International players. You can play El Gordo lottery by signing up at Multilotto and simply select your tickets. Players are taking their chances on this lottery from many countries around the world.

Where To Find The Latest El Gordo Results

Once you have bought your lottery tickets, you will be watching constantly for the draw and the results. However, sometimes it is not possible, but that’s no loss with Multilotto. They are a leading lottery gambling agency, they’re licensed and legit and they’ve been around since 2012. It’s the perfect place for you to not only get the results after the El Gordo lotto draw but to have access to a range of international lottery jackpots.

Multilotto is easy to use and when you’ve decided on which lotteries you want to play, you simply pick your lucky numbers or make use of Quickpick where the numbers are chosen randomly for you, and then you wait with suspense for the El Gordo Lotto draw. All the results of the El Gordo lotto appear immediately after the draw and the results of all the other lotteries also appear after their draw times. You’ll find lotteries such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, and many other lotteries, and Multilotto also keeps records of past lottery results, going back a good many years.

  • Match 6 numbers to hit the jackpot
  • Draws are held on Sundays at 20:30
  • Visit Multilotto for El Gordo results

When Are The El Gordo Results Drawn?

The weekly El Gordo results are drawn every Sunday at 20:30. However, the weekly draw is not the only thing which makes the El Gordo so special. El Gordo – it’s not your usual lotto. At Christmas time a special draw is held and it literally involves the whole country. This is because tickets are printed in series of hundreds, there are usually many people who have the same numbers and who share the massive jackpot. The increased odds with this lotto are what lead people to spend even more on tickets, which causes the prize to keep increasing. Unlike other lottos where draws take place once or twice a week, this lotto builds up throughout the year and the massive draw takes place once a year on the 22nd December.

Back to the weekly El Gordo draw, tickets cost just €2.50. At first the lotto was for Spaniards only, but now gamblers from all over the world take part and share in the prizes. Sign up today and start playing!

More Reasons To Play Online At Multilotto

There are so many good reasons to use your El Gordo numbers on Multilotto. They are an established lottery-based agency, it’s a site devoted to offering users access to the most exciting global lotteries, they have iGaming products, but lotteries is their primary focus. This site operates worldwide for all players age 18 and beyond. All of your personal information with them is totally safe too. Sign up with them and start dreaming.

Multilotto has lots of the best lotteries from all over the world. All that is required for you to play any one of them is to sign up, choose the lotto game that appeals to you, select your lucky numbers yourself or allow Quickpick to choose them for you, pay for your tickets and let the good luck start. Remember that Multilotto isn’t a lottery operator but instead they act as a platform for players to bet on. Play whichever one you like, and after each draw, Multilotto puts up the results of each lotto.

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